A big thank you to Martin Dudley of Thomas Dudley ltd for donating £5000 to support our work 

Thank you to the following for their donation to support our work:

Alan and Margaret Hackett, Mr & Mrs Rouse,  Mr Amin - Quick Save West Bromwich, F & C group Charity Sweet Box, Kath Timmins, Coseley Library collection box

Bookers Ltd, Mr D B Tolley, Bromley Methodist Church Charity Fund,

With grateful thanks to family and friends of the people below who kindly made donations in memory of :

George Alfred Steadman,    Frederick Johnston,     William Thomas Fellowes,     Frances Fowkes,   Margaret Mountford,  Molly Hearle,   Roger Berry,                    

 Kathleen Andrews,   Sally Kirkham,  Jeffrey Hamilton,   Aunt of Mrs Cox,  Anthony Boffey,  Peter Ellis,  Alf Bedford,  Paul Cherrington, Brenda Jones,                 

Kathleen Windridge, , Joan Trevis, Joe Walter Lyndsey, Philip Downing, Donald Raybould, Bernard George, Ken Hopper,