Jeanne Hignett President

“Jeanne is a founder member of DSA identifying the need back in 1984 that there was a need for local support. Having recently stepped down as chairman she still intends to be involved in helping guide the organisation and share her knowledge with the board.”

Alan Hackett Chairman

“Alan is a retired Engineer who had a varied career in electronic design in a variety of industries. Having suffered an Ischaemic stroke in 1996, Alan feels it is important to use his experience to help others bringing a practical perspective to living with a long-term disability. His other interests include art and music.”

Graham Jones Treasurer


Anne Adams Company Secretary / Founder Member

“Anne a retired speech and language therapist is a founder member of the organisation set up in 1987. Anne states "it is an honour to be involved in DSA, developing the charity and enabling people to feel supported and prove that "Life does go on after a stroke"."”

David Tuplin Trustee


Chris Charles Trustee


Ann Cashmore Trustee